Thursday, November 18, 2010

Four Years in the Trenches

I just noticed that I missed the blog's anniversary this year. I've been blogging away for four years now as of Nov 1st. I had begun to think this was going to be yet another year when the post total dropped from the year before, but looking at the numbers, I've really been quite the blogging machine over the past few months. If the trend continues, I should equal last years posts by the time I hit the end of the year. Just more going on I guess, or maybe I've just been in the mood to write more reviews. I mean, even in the weeks where I don't review any books, I probably read several. Just wasn't moved to talk about them. I've had a good run of luck in that the last four novels I read were all good and so I reviewed them all here. I tend not to review stuff I don't enjoy. I figure what's the point? Unless I sincerely feel that I'm saving someone money by panning a book or movie, I usually just figure it's a matter of taste and someone else may really enjoy something I didn't like.
Anyway, scanning the posts, I see lots of reviews and a few stories about my life, so about the same level of content as 2009. Thanks to everyone who reads Singular points and thanks for all the comments and emails. I'm still having fun, so I'm still here.


Sergio said...

I read your blog since last year . It's a valuable source of information about the fantasy genre, with insightful reviews about authors such as Moorcock, REH, ERB - even the Gardner Fox's Kothar novels! Congratulations!

Sergio, from Brazil

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thanks much, Sergio. Glad you've enjoyed the blog.