Saturday, November 13, 2010

IDW's Dungeons and Dragons

I've always wondered, given the wealth of potential behind the worlds of the Dungeons and Dragons game, why no one has been able to do a decent D&D Comic. I mean, come on, a world full of elves, dwarves, haflings, dragons, monsters and magic galore. An almost unlimited background for adventure, yet over the years one comics company after another has pretty much blown it. Someone may be about to break that losing streak.
So far there's only one issue of IDW's Dungeons and Dragons comic out but I liked it a lot. The writing by John Rogers was nice and snappy and the story got off to a fast and frenetic start. We're introduced to a group of adventurers right out of D&D central casting. Amid the apparent attack of evil zombies (everyone loves zombies) we neet a smart-ass Elf, a rambunctious dwarf, a sneaky halfling, and an over confidant human. The adventurers have just signed on a new member, a spell caster, when things go bad and off we go.
The artwork, by Andrea Di Vito is clean and sharp and very comic-bookish. Di Vito has apparently done some work for Marvel Comics though I'm not familiar with him.
The best thing about the comic was that it was fun. I'm not a table top gamer, but I do game online and this comic reminds me of the banter and ribbing that goes on as you and your friends charge into trouble. I got the feeling that the writer was going for a mix between an actual adventure and the feel of a gaming session. Works for me. Anyway, we'll see how things shape up over the next few issues. I'd certainly like to see an entertaining, fun comic set in the D&D universe. Maybe this is it.

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