Monday, November 29, 2010

The Long Weekend

I didn't blog much during the Thanksgiving Weekend. That's because I was busy goofing off. I had already decided to spend the majority of my five day weekend just having fun. I did a little housework, but only what I had to. I had a lot of good breakfasts, my favorite meal to cook. I ate out some, but mostly just slapped meals together from provisions I had picked up Tuesday afternoon on my way home from work.
Thanksgiving itself was the usual mix of family foolishness and moments of introspection. The details are boring, so I'll let it go at that.
I did a lot of reading. Read Black Hats, which is reviewed below, and Andrew Vachss new one, The Weight. Also re-read various Michael Moorcock books and short stories as research, as I am writing a Jerry Cornelius story, something that every Moorcock fan has to attempt at some point, I think. Cornelius is a character that Moorcock has allowed other writers to use in various stories over the years, sometimes to his regret. Mine is not terribly serious, fan fiction really, and I'm bouncing all over the Multiverse with it. So yeah, I did some writing too.
I read some more Darkhorse Tarzan reprints and a few new comic books, including the final issue of Darkhorse's Conan the Cimmerian. That series ended with issue 25, finishing up the adaptation of Robert E. Howard's Iron Shadows in the Moonlight. Next up for Darkhorse is Conan:The Road of Kings, not an adaptation of the Karl Edward Wagner Conan pastiche, but a new 12 issue story arc by original Conan comics writer, Roy Thomas. Also read the first issue of the new Darkhorse Kull mini series, The Hate Witch. Decent story and decent art, but nothing to write home about. Increasingly it seems that Darkhorse's REH pastiches become more and more throw away, like back up features from the old Marvel Savage Sword of Conan. If they're going to do short series, I'd like to see them make more of an event of it, not just another monthly comic, if you take my meaning. You've got the time folks. Do something spectacular. Get some creators in there who the fans have always wanted to see work on Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane and the lot. (Speaking of which, I noticed in an old Marvel Letters page that at one point Gene Colan was supposed to have been working on a Solomon Kane story. Now that's something I would have liked to have seen. Apparently it didn't come off.)
I watched another Zatoichi movie, Zatoichi Meets the One Armed Swordsman. This is one I had always wanted to see as it represented a crossover between the Japanese Toho Studio and the Chinese Shaw Brothers Studio. Jimmy Wang Yu, the titular one armed swordsman was already the star of many Hong Kong films, so to have his one armed swordsman character meet Zatoichi was a big deal. It's interesting to note that the director didn't seem to quite know what to do with a Kung Fu swordsman and Wang Yu's fight scenes look a little awkward when compared to his Hong Kong movies. Fun stuff though.
I also watched a couple of episodes of the old Ultraman TV series. It doesn't hold up too well, I'm afraid, but I absolutely loved it when I was a kid, so nostalgia carried the day. I was amazed at how well I remembered the origin episode.
I also started reading the stories in volume five of the Nightshade Books' Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith. I'll blog some more about that one later. This was the last volume in the series and I'm glad to have all of Smith's work in one spot and in the order in which it was published. Interesting to watch Smith's style change over time.
So that was pretty much the weekend. Movies and comics and books. Not a bad way to spend the time off.

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