Monday, November 22, 2010

The Weekend That Was

I had sort of an unfocused weekend. I didn't get much reading done and what I did was mostly comic books. I read reprints of old Tarzan comics and I may blog about that soon. I picked up the Boxed set of Doctor Who Season Five so I watched a lot of the extras on that. I watched a historical action movie called Centurion, which wasn't bad, but I had some issues with the way the Roman soldiers used their swords and shields in combat. I played Lord of the Rings Online a good bit Friday, none on Saturday, and a little on Sunday. I did some research for a short story idea and I wrote a little of the story last night. I re-read a couple of my older stories and found that they held up okay. I cooked some really good omelets. I had some Chocolate ice-cream. I did some house cleaning and played with the cats and otherwise just sort of puttered about. As I said, an unfocused weekend, but not a bad one. Now I have to work for two days and then the FIVE DAY WEEKEND begins. Maybe I'll be a little more productive. Then again, maybe I won't.

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