Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back in Action

Well I made it to work today, even if the drive in was a little treacherous. So presumably the worst has passed. Still a lot of ice on the road I live on, but once you get to a major road or highway, things are passable. You just have to pay attention because there are big clumps of ice everywhere. Sunny out there today so hopefully that will remove more ice, but its' still very cold. Presumably temperatures are supposed to get above freezing tomorrow and Saturday, which will help some more. Still, this is the biggest winter weather event we've had in maybe a decade, so it's been pretty wild. I've seen a lot of folks complaining that the DOT didn't handle things well or quickly enough, but seriously, you can't have a giant fleet of salt and sand trucks just sitting around in a state where it hardly ever snows.


Rachel said...

I went to school in North Carolina years ago and just this same thing happened; freak snow that turned to ice. I could never figure out why people seemed to think coastal N. Carolina kept a ready reserve of sand and plows.

I have a friend who likes comics as much as you and I always mean to link over to some of his comics posts in case you might be interested.

Here's an older post about The Fly and then here's a post of his re-creation of a cover and a bit about why he did it. Hope you enjoy!

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thanks for the links, Rachel. Your pal and I could definitely hang out. Anyone who can readily identify the old Quality Comics character Madame Fatal and who loves the MLJ Fly is okay in my book.