Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vikor the Barbarian

Though I collect many things, I have generally stayed clear of the action figure bug. Toys just take up too much room, and I barely have room for the books as it is. Still, I have a few. A Conan figure my pal Lanny Gave me. A Darkseid and Orion from my friend Chris. A deluxe Disney Tarzan from my buddy Brian. I've purchased one or two others over the years.
But when I saw Vikor the Barbarian, I knew I'd have to get one. Vikor is part of the He-Man Classics line, in fact, if I understand the various stuff I've read on the internet, the figure is based on one of the original unused designs for He-man. If so, old He-Man started out as a Conan wannabe. He-Man was after my time and I didn't own the toys or watch the cartoon, so there's no nostalgia factor here.
Vikor is about as close as I'm likely to get to an action figure of the Barry Windsor Smith style Conan with the horned helmet, and as toys go, he's just a good overall sword & sorcery hero action figure. So I have one on the way. And yes, I will take it out of the package and stand it on the shelf over the desk. None of this mint in box crap for me.

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Taranaich said...

Heh, I may well do the same.