Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Report

My weekend was a bit strange. Because of the ice, my workplace was closed for three days, so we ended up working all day Friday. Normally my Friday is over at 10:00 am, so I practically have a three day weekend ever week. (Mon-Fri are nine hour days.) A two day weekend seemed very short.
I didn't get much reading done because I was in a drawing mood, and spent most of Saturday and part of Sunday sketching away. I also played Lord of the Rings online longer than I usually allow myself on Saturday because some kin mates needed help on an instance which takes forever. I usually only allow two hours of gaming on any single day. I am a man with an obsessive personality and discipline is required or I would just play video games all day.
I did read a few issues of Savage Sword of Conan magazine. You may recall that a couple of years ago I managed to complete a collection of the entire run of that magazine. For a while there I was reading them straight through, but I got sidetracked. I picked up with issue #196, which begins writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema's second story arc in the comic after Thomas returned to the mag after a layoff of about a decade. I've never read these so they're new comics for me. Pretty fun stuff as Thomas seems to be trying to give some background for the pirates Black Zarona and Strombanni, who Conan will later come up against in the Robert E. Howard tale, The Black Stranger. Of course in Marvel continuity, The Black Stranger is unfortunately replaced by the heavily rewritten L. Sprague de Camp version, The Treasure of Tranicos. Every time someone mentions Tranicos I get a twitch in my left eye. (Hope Dark Horse gets around to adapting The Black Stranger.)
The writing is up to Thomas's usual level, but the art is so-so. John Buscema was doing layouts on Savage Sword at this point and inker Ernie Chan was moving into his 'put unnecessary cross hatching on everything' phase, so there's no appreciable difference between foreground, middle ground or background.
I did manage to get to the bookstore Saturday and pick up Robert Crais's new Joe Pike novel, the Sentry, but due to all the drawing and comic book reading and gaming, I didn't get started reading the book. I also picked up Jim Butcher's short story collection Side Jobs. I've enjoyed Butcher's Harry Dresden novels and I like short stories, so I figured this would be a fun book. Read a couple of the stories and there's one, where some real vampires show up at a vampire LARP party, that every Twilight fan ought to have to read. It ain't pretty.
Anyway, that was the slightly odd weekend. Hopefully this will be a regular work week and next weekend things will be back to normal.

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