Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Colossus of Greece

If people relating their dreams bores you, skip this post. I have so many strange dreams that I usually just shrug and move on. I had one last night though that I found amusing and strange. Where does my mind get this stuff?
Basically I dreamed a 1950s movie called The Colossus of Greece, and it was sort of a sword and sandal/fantasy film. I wasn't in it. I was just seeing it. There was this giant bronze statue terrorizing the countryside, sort of like Talos from Ray Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts. He would just appear, seemingly from nowhere, and destroy entire towns. There was a captain from the army of Athens roaming around, trying to find where the monster came from and how it could be stopped.
There was a scene where the captain was in a curio shop, talking to this young blond haired guy and I noted in the background that there was a small statue on a shelf that looked just like the colossus, which the captain, of course, didn't see. Later it turns out that the blond guy's parents were put to death on some trumped up charge by a king of one of the Greek city states and the kid had found a way to make this statue grow huge and do his bidding. As I said, very much a 1950s sort of monster movie.
In the end, the captain figured it out and stopped the colossus by killing the blond guy as the monster was about to destroy Athens. There was a nice slow motion shot as you see the kid, stabbed through the heart, falling to the ground and the giant bronze statue falls in the same posture. I was pretty entertained by this imaginary film. Nice going, brain.

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