Friday, February 04, 2011

R.I.P. The Super Computer

Almost three years ago to the day I purchased a new Dell XPS PC. My friends and I jokingly called it the Super Computer because at the time it was the most souped up, top of the line PC available, with all the bells and whistles one could imagine. Last night, in the course of its daily duties, the Super Computer suffered a fatal hard drive failure.
I can only say of the Super Computer that it was a good machine and served me faithfully for its lifetime, through countless games of Lord of the Rings Online and thousands of emails, chats, forums, and what not. Some have said that perhaps I could have it rebuilt, but I prefer to let it die with dignity, going as it did, in the midst of the tasks that it loved and performed so well. It died with its boots on.
The Super Computer is survived by its High-Def monitor, mouse, and keyboard.


Brett Brooks said...

It will be missed...

Coincidentally, we've suffered computer issues this week, too. Hard drive failure. The worst part of that is that the back-up drive ALSO seems to be having issues, so...we're working on it. Wish us luck.


Charles R. Rutledge said...

Well fortunately my stuff was backed up well. Hope yours was too!

lk said...

My condolences. Glad you are backed-up. If you are looking at new ones, I'm liking these two Falcon Northwest custom systems. I got the Fragbox for the desk. They're built for gaming, not cheap but excellent quality and service.