Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shades of the Pale Prince

Picked up a couple more interesting items over the weekend. Both related to Michael Moorcock's albino hero Elric of Melnibone. One was the 1981 Archival Press edition of the slip-cased hardback of The Vanishing Tower. This one has a cover and interior illustrations by Michael Whelan. Pretty darn nifty.
The other was the 1973 Lancer paperback of The Stealer of Souls with a cover by Jeff Jones. This cover would appear to be done in pen & ink and watercolor, but according to a recent interview with Jones, the pigments are not water colors but rather oil paints thinned down to a transparent consistency.
I already own both of these books in other editions, so I have to admit that it was purely the collector in me that coveted these two bits of sword & sorcery goodness. And they are very cool. So there.

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