Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday at The Hotel with Caine

As I mentioned below I did watch an episode of the 1990s TV series, Kung Fu:The Legend Continues. Some kind soul has uploaded a ton of the episodes to Youtube in high Def, which is great, since the series has never been released to the American DVD market. I have seen some bootleg DVDs, but I'm always leery of ordering bootlegs as you never know what you'll end up with.
Anyway, in case you're not familiar with the series, it was a made for syndication follow-up to the 1970s TV show Kung Fu. The late David Carradine plays the grandson of the character from the original series, both named Kwai Chang Caine. (Though reportedly, Carradine claimed that he wasn't playing Caine's grandson, but that Caine was actually the same guy from the original series, his mystic abilities having kept him alive all those years.)
The series was filmed in Canada and the production values usually weren't very high, but I liked the show quite a bit. It didn't take itself too seriously and there were a lot of fun episodes, including one titled Dragonswing which reunited the stars of various 1960s spy shows (Patrick McNee from the Avengers, Robert Vaughn from the Man from Uncle, etc), and the episode Sunday at the Hotel with George, which was the one I watched yesterday.
I remembered enjoying this one when it aired originally because it took a standard Die Hard plot and had some fun with it. Caine and his son Peter are attending a wedding on the top floor of a fancy hotel. A group of thieves decide to rob the hotel's vault the same day. The leader of the thieves, a guy named George, recognizes Peter as a police officer and realizes that Peter has seen one of the thieves weapons. George goes up to the ballroom with some of his men, and basically tells Peter that he is robbing the hotel and if Peter or anyone else interferes, his men will open fire into the wedding party.
What I liked about this one was that Caine and Peter have to deal with the gunmen in the ballroom without anyone at the wedding realizing that anything is going on and without the crooks figuring out that their numbers are being depleted. It makes for some funny scenes.
I really do wish someone would release an official DVD set for King Fu: The Legend Continues. But at least, for the moment, I can watch it on my computer.


TheChronoD said...

I've watched the amazing german transfers for the first season on youtube. They do look amazing don't they? Costs about 30$ to import to the US.

What I have to ask is, have you seen any GOOD bootlegs of the remaining seasons? Most of them are pretty high for a bootleg, running around 45$ for the whole thing.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

No, truthfully I haven't seen any good bootlegs, which is why I'm still holding off. Don't know why we can't get a legit DVD set for this series.

Tex said...

For your amusement...

Note the credits.

(who enjoyed BOTH versions of the story)