Thursday, March 24, 2011

Act of Providence Redux

I was talking about the book Act of Providence, which I recently reviewed, last night at dinner and Cliff filled me in on why the book is credited to Joseph Payne Brennan and Donald Grant. (I forgot Cliff knew Grant. I think he knew everyone involved in 1970s/1980s SF Fandom.) It had been Grant who suggested that Brennan write the book and who had provided a germ of the plot. Grant had originally intended to have the book be a Roman a clef, using thinly disguised versions of real people but in the end Brennan had just used the real people and gotten their permissions before publication.
I also mentioned in my review that there was a guy named Bob Booth in the book whom I knew nothing about. Turns out my pal Jim knows Booth and he told me that Booth was and is one of the main guys behind the World Fantasy Con.
So I guess that goes to show that answers to odd questions don't always require a lot of digging and research. Sometimes you just have to know people who know people.

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