Friday, March 04, 2011

The Age of Marvel's Ideas

I was around for the first run of Atlas Comics back in the 1970s and my favorite of the short lived line was, not surprisingly, Wulf the Barbarian. The series showed a lot of potential but Atlas imploded pretty quickly and that was that. Thus, when I heard that Atlas comics was coming back and that Wulf would be one of the first titles, I hoped for a new and original sword & sorcery comic. I got Beastmaster Two or more precisely Marvel Comics What If #13.
I've nothing against 'barbarian comes to the future' storylines. I've written a couple myself. But really, I was thinking maybe someone could produce a decent sword & sorcery title that wasn't based on a work of Robert E. Howard's. You know, mine the same territory but tell some different stories. DC's recent Claw reboot went away fast. We won't even talk about Marvel's Starr the Slayer, which could have been a great chance to have a new marvel S&S book.
Anyway, there's only been one issue of the new Wulf so far. Maybe the whole series won't be set in the present day and I'm just jumping the gun. I did like the art on the first issue by Nat Jones quite a bit. Time will tell.

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