Thursday, March 31, 2011

Limited Editions Unlimited

I am coming around to the idea of e-books. I have seen circumstances recently where I could have made good use of an e-book reader. So I'm not anti-e-book by any stretch of the imagination. But...I love books. Real paper books. Always have, since I fist started reading many years ago. Probably always will.
With that in mind, there's one area where the e-book isn't likely to ever take the place of actual books and that's in the realm of collectible volumes, limited editions and such.
In the last few weeks I've added several limited editions to my collections. The Donald M. Grant volume Act of Providence, which I mentioned in previous posts. A Grant volume of Harold Lamb's Durandal. Two hard to come by limited edition Elric hardbacks by Michael Moorcock. The most recent were a couple of Robert E. Howard volumes that I hadn't originally intended to pick up.
Yeah, I know it's hard to believe that I would pass on anything by Howard, but see, after I finally got the third Wandering Star deluxe Conan volume, I figured I was done buying the rather expensive REH limited editions. I had the Wandering Star volumes of Solomon Kane and Bran Mak Morn, and the Subterranean Press Kull volume. Along with the three Conan books, that gave me all of Howard's main series characters in collectible hardbacks. (I also had the Frank Frazetta illustrated REH collection, The Ultimate Triumph.) I'd been buying the Del Rey Trades of Howard's other stories and though I knew Subterranean was going to bring out some of them in deluxe limited edition hardbacks, I didn't think I'd pick them up. The series characters were my main interest hardback-wise.
But my buddy Cliff found deals on the two most recent Subterranean volumes, Crimson Shadows and The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard, and of course he passed them along to me. He is evil that way. Basically the deals were too good to pass up for brand new copies of these beautifully made hardback, slip-cased volumes, so yeah, I bought them. That means I have a full collection of the Wandering Star/Subterranean limited editions of the works of Robert E. Howard. That's going to make it hard to pass up future volumes. Part of the collector mania is having entire sets, what can I tell you.

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