Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lord of the Rings Online

One of the things people ask me about the MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online is how does it relate to the books? Like, do you meet Gandalf or Legolas? Can you fight Nazgul? Is it a sequel? A prequel? That sort of thing. The storyline of the game parallels the plot of the books. In other words, your adventures take place at the same time that the war of the ring is going on.
When you start the game, you'll run into Gandalf and Strider in Bree before the Black Riders have come looking for the hobbits. After that your path will cross the fellowship time and again. You'll meet the whole crew later in Rivendell before they start on their journey to destroy the One Ring. (There's actually an instance where you watch the nine walkers leaving Rivendell. As a long time LotR fan, this was oddly moving.) You'll go on missions for Elrond. You'll team with Legolas and Gimli for combat instances. When you get to Moria, you'll eventually find the shattered bridge of Kazad Dum, so you know that Gandalf has fallen into shadow.
Right now the most recent run in with the Fellowship is in Lothlorien at the pavilion where they are resting following their escape from Moria. (Aragorn remembered Kharrn and welcomed him to Lorien.) So we're not far from the breaking of the Fellowship. I've been playing LOTRO for three years now, so you can see that we haven't quite reached the end of The Fellowship of the Ring in terms of game time. Presumably the Fall update for the game will take us to Isengard. I wonder if we'll get to meet Saruman?
Anyway, I doubt that any other MMORPG could have held my attention this long. I think it is a mix of a well done game and my love for the source material. It ain't perfect. There are glaring departures from the lore of the books and many creatures and such that aren't cannon, but still there's a lot of stuff that the game gets more accurately then the movies did. Now if we can just get to Rohan. Vikings with horses. I am so there.


Lagomorph Rex said...

Yeah I've been playing it on and off since it first came out. but I've only gotten a character to Rivendell since it went 'Free to play'.. I've now got a level 41 elf and getting a bit sick of doing quests around the big lake... but everything else seems to kick by butt too much to move on.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

What server are you on, Lagomorph? I'm on Windfola. Be glad to help you out if we were on the same server.