Thursday, April 07, 2011

Messages From Moorcock

After finally getting copies of the two limited edition Elric books, I had written Michael Moorcock, requesting bookplates so I could have his signature on the books. He prefers this to having books mailed to him for signing. Today Cliff emailed me to let me know I'd received a package from Michael Moorcock at Dr. No's. (Cliff lets me send packages to the store since there's always someone there to sign for them and since my local mail carrier lost a couple of books I'd ordered.) Needless to say I swung by the store on my way home from work.
To my surprise I found not two, but four bookplates in the envelope, all signed to Charles from Mike, with various messages and full signatures at the bottom. The plates themselves feature a James Cawthorn illustration of Elric. These are seriously nifty.
Of course now I have to decide what other two Moorcock books to put the extra bookplates in. I own a LOT of Moorcock books. I'm leaning toward Letters From Hollywood, since it's my favorite of Mike's non-fiction, and toward Doctor Who, The Coming of the Terraphiles, because Mike read my review of it and said I was spot on. I will now sit here with a stupid fan-boy smile on my face for a while. Thanks, Mike. You're a pal.


Paul said...

High five!

(Although I'm more a Time Traveller and the audaciously blasphemous Behold the Man
Moorcockian that the Eternal Champion side.)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

High Five right back atcha, Paul.

I'm a fan of pretty much all of Mike's work, though Elric holds a special place as he was my first Moorcock hero and he's a sword & sorcery guy. Behold the Man is indeed awesome.