Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missing Harlan Ellison

I'm not sure how this chain of events got started but I'm back to reading Harlan Ellison this week. Seems like last Wednesday I mentioned him in relation to his 'Pay the Writer' rant and then I ended up quoting him in an online discussion about critics who don't know what they're talking about, and then almost as if by fate, the next volume of The Year's Best Horror Stories I opened had a particularly creepy Ellison story in it, and that made me want to read more Ellison so I ended up ordering Ellison's book, Stalking the Nightmare, and then today I went into Barnes & Noble to perhaps buy an Ellison collection and good old B&n didn't have a single Harlan Ellison book in the whole store.
Not keep in mind, this is Barnes & Noble, the McDonald's of chain bookstores, but I know that there are Ellison books in print and you'd think that B&N would stock at least a couple just to have a well stocked SF section. Apparently not. Borders would have had one of two, but they are gone.
Anyway, the guy at the information desk agreed with me that it was a shame and a crime, so there ya go. Guess I'll go browse Amazon...

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Tex said...

And THAT'S why B&N is up for sale.

If they concentrated on having a good, broad selection of books in ALL their departments, as they used to, they'd have more people dropping coin on them.

Instead, they fill their increasingly empty stores with non-books, dust catchers, electronic books, and whateverthahell Orca Whiffy's whoring this week (which will be unsellable next week.) The Borders I frequented did the same thing before going Tango Uniform.

(which is why independent (i.e., REAL) bookstores are starting to make a comeback)