Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Revenge of Sword and Sandal Theater

Okay, just to drag the blog back into sword & sorcery territory, over at The Blog that Time Forgot a bunch of us were discussing the sword and sandal film, The Giant of Marathon, and that brought up Italian movie director Mario Bava who directed my favorite Sword & Sandal film, Hercules in the Haunted World.
Anyway, I've recently discovered the Peplum blog. (Sword and Sandal movies are also know as Peplums, because of the toga like outfit so many folks wear in the movies.)
This is the go-to blog for news and history of sword & sandal films. The blog author also has the best Youtube channel for Peplum fans. Tons of full length movies and interesting clips and stuff. (My favorite is a two part clip about the monsters of Peplum, featuring some imaginative pre-CGI creature effects. Some are goofy, but a couple are pretty impressive.)
Now he's also putting up sword & sandal comic books. I've been occasionally providing info about the artists of the strips in the comments, because, hey, I know a lot of otherwise useless information about comics. Anyway, if you enjoy these old movies, you definitely want to check this blog out. Link is here:

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