Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Traveller's Rest

I just read a creepy little novella by James Enge featuring his protagonist Morlock Ambrosius over at the Pyr books blog. You can download it as an e-pub or just do as I did and read it in regular text. I've reviewed Enge's books about Morlock here at the blog. My favorite is This Crooked Way but I also really liked The Wolf Age.
In Traveller's Rest, Morlock and his sidekick/apprentice Wyrth stop off at an inn in a strangely empty town. They soon find out why the place is so sparsely populated. There are swords and sorcery and monsters, and some of Enge's trademark dark humor. I can't say much about the fate of the missing townspeople without spoilers but it's rather disturbing.
Anyway, this is a great chance to check out Enge's work. There are a couple of other free stories by Enge at the site and if you enjoy them, be sure and pick up his novels about Morlock. This is sword & sorcery closer to Fritz Leiber than Robert E. Howard. It has a bit of a Jack Vance feel as well. I like Enge a lot. Here's the link:



Paul R. McNamee said...

Yes, that is a great tale.

I really need to read one of the Morlock novels soon.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Very glad you liked it, Paul. Definitely get the novels. Eng has the qualities of a very original imagination combined with well turned prose. His stuff isn't like anybody Else's out there, which is refreshing.