Friday, June 24, 2011

Conan:Road of Kings #6

Issue 6 of Conan: The Road of Kings brings the first story arc by writer Roy Thomas and artist Mike Hawthorne to an end. In this one, Conan finally catches up to the kidnapped Olivia and rescues her. He also has his final run in with the disfigured bounty hunter Gamesh. The final confrontation wasn't what I was expecting, as Roy decided to show Conan using his brains more than his brawn to finish off Gamesh. Roy also shows in this scene how an experienced writer uses foreshadowing to set something up early in a story (in this case in the previous issue) so it can pay off later, giving the reader a nice feeling of satisfaction. (I will note that I'm not convinced Gamesh is dead. He gets swallowed by a monster with a taste for gold, but we don't see a body. Tough guy like Gamesh might cut his way out.)
Someone over at the REH Comics Yahoo Group was giving sales figures and I found it interesting that Road of Kings has been outselling the other Conan comic being published at the same time, Conan:The Scarlet Citadel. Not sure if this was because folks knew that Thomas, the original writer of Marvel's Conan comics, was writing Road for Darkhorse or what.
I enjoyed Scarlet Citadel tremendously, but truthfully I'd rather see new Conan stories in the comics, rather than adaptations of Robert E. Howard stories. That may sound odd coming from a rabid REH fan like me, but hey, I've read and continue to read Howard as prose. I don't need illustrations to make it better for me. I'd prefer some new sword and sorcery stories in comics form, which is, of course, what I'm getting from Road of Kings. Anyway, looking forward to the next six issue arc.

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