Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Reading Report

The long weekend was one of those where I spent a lot of time just chilling, and much of the reading I did was non-fiction. Mostly I was reading books and parts of books about Alexandria, the city in Egypt founded by Alexander the Great and home of the famous library and equally famous lighthouse. Found out there's a movie called Agora which takes place in ancient Alexandria and is supposed to be pretty cool in its recreation of the city and the era. It's about Hypatia, the famous female philosopher and mathematician. I can watch it on streaming video from Amazon, which is cool.
I was also reading about the Minoan civilization, of which we know very little. In fact we don't even know what they called themselves, the term Minoan having been formed from the Myth of King Minos, the guy with the Labyrinth and the Minotaur.
The connection between the Minoans and Alexandria is that the island of Crete sits almost dead center between Greece and Egypt, so there was commerce between the Minoans, Greeks and Egyptians. Why was I reading this stuff? Just caught my attention, I guess. I'm like that. Anyway, digging for more books about Minoans and such. Want to get a good biography of Hypatia as well.
In less scholarly reading, I read through several comic books. Last week was a double Conan week with issues of Conan:The Road of Kings and Conan:The Scarlet Citadel. It was the final issue of Citadel, finishing up the adaptation of Robert E. Howard's yarn.
Also read a couple of stories from Volume 9 of the Dark Horse collection, Tarzan: The Jesse Marsh Years. The collections have caught up to where my collection of the actual comics begins, but I don't have a full set of the comics so there's still plenty of stuff that I haven't read to come.
Did a little more reading in the Year's Best Horror Stories books, finding a couple of real chillers. More about that later. As you can see, another eclectic reading weekend. I need to find a good novel for next weekend. I'll look into that.

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