Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spenser's Back

Well, I predicted that the estate of Robert B. Parker wouldn't let a money making machine like the Spenser series get away too easily and would probably get another writer to continue the series after Parker's death last year. This has come to pass. They at least got a good writer, a fellow named Ace Atkins, who has written some decent crime novels and who is reportedly a major fan of Parker.
I doubt that I will read the new books though. When I met Parker back in 2000, someone in the crowd of fans asked him if he would consider writing a team-up between his other character Jesse Stone and Spenser. Parker said that very well could happen (It did) but that it would have to be in a Spenser novel because he would only write Spenser in first person POV. (The Jesse Stone books are third person.) Spenser was the character he felt the closest to and identified with the most.
So, don't know if I want to read someone else's take on Spenser, if you take my meaning. However I've learned to never say never. My curiosity might get the better of me.

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