Thursday, July 28, 2011

And Afterwards, the Dark

I saw on Amazon this morning that the final book in F. Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack series is due on October 11th. The Dark at the End leads into the sixth book in Wilson's Adversary Cycle, Night World in which Jack is a character. It's always been one of the weirder things about reading the Repairman Jack books, that I knew what the ultimate end of the series would be, having read Night World before I started the RJ series. However, Wilson says he's doing some pretty heavy revising of Night World for release after the last Jack novel, so there may be a surprise or two yet.
I'm actually one Jack book behind, having saved the penultimate volume, last year's Fatal Error, to read closer to the release date of the final book. I'll probably read Fatal Error soon, so I'll be ready for the Dark at the End. I will note that if you're planning to read the series, you need to start a few books back. The early volumes are stand alone adventures under a longer plot arc, but the last five or so books are so interconnected that a new reader would probably be pretty confused. All the books are highly recommended though, so start at the beginning with The Tomb. (And read The Keep, but avoid the movie at all cost. Jack's not in the Keep, but the book is connected to the RJ series.)
I'll hate to see Jack go, but Wilson has always said that he viewed the Repairman Jack series as a finite thing and he didn't want to just keep writing about the character forever. There are some other folks with series characters who probably should have followed his example. Anyway, Jack returns one last time just in time for Halloween. And afterwards, the dark.

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