Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well, I typed 'The End' on the dark fantasy version of my short story Sailing to Darkness at 8:55 this morning. Plan to let it sit for a couple of weeks before editing. This is one of the creepier things I've written, owing more to Karl Edward Wagner perhaps than Robert E. Howard. There's plenty of action, but lots of horror too. As always, I'm pleased when I finish something. Never seems to get any easier. I did write this one so that the Moorcock related bits could easily be removed if I wanted to do something with it later. Honest to gosh Sword & Sorcery still isn't likely to sell anywhere, but I may have enough shorts for an E-book collection soon. We'll see.
In the meantime I'm going to go back and work of the lighter version that was about half finished too. Since it has a completely different plot and characters it can stand on its own, though it is maybe a bit more closely tied to Mike's 'Ship that Sails Between Worlds." Maybe I'll have time to blog a bit more now too. July is turning into my slowest month this year at Singular Points.
But hey, one story's done, so it's a good morning.

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