Saturday, July 09, 2011

R.I.P Barry Robert Wofford

My mom told me today that Barry Wofford, one of my best friends in high school, died last Thursday. I don't know the details and it doesn't really matter. We hadn't been in touch in a long time, but Barry was the guy I hung out with more than anyone else during my junior and senior years in high school. He was a photographer and I was an artist and we just hit it off. Barry was the guy that introduced me to the music of Jimmy Buffet. He and I were both movie buffs and both big fans of the James Bond films. Somewhere I have a picture of him holding my target pellet gun across his chest in his best James Bond pose.
Barry and I spent countless hours driving around in his beat up blue Ford Maverick, talking about our big plans for the future, most of which didn't pan out. The summer before our senior year we were almost constant companions. We had something of a falling out in our early twenties, and though we eventually patched things up, we were never as tight as we had been, and as I said, I'd lost touch with him in recent years. Still, when mom told me the news it was a jolt. A quick, sharp pain in a place I'd forgotten. In some ways no matter how far we travel, we are always close to the people who stood on the brink of adulthood with us, I think.
Anyway, I just wanted to say a few words about an old friend. So long, Barry. We had some adventures, didn't we?


Anonymous said...

Charles I just learned of Barry's passing. He and I too had many good times together and I share your grief in his passing.

It is sad when I think back to all the special people I have lost touch with over the years. I still remember you, Barry and I working on our "In Search of Beowulf" assignment in British Lit class.

Forest Morris

Brierpatch said...

Charles, I'm with you in sadness over Barry's passing. He was a good guy.

Even though we lost touch, I'll always remember the "good guys" like Barry, you, and Rick. We had some good times together at CHS. I'm really glad to see my old art buddy from all of our shared art classes is doing well for himself. You take care of yourself, friend.

Donna (Stover) Morris

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Forest, yeah we had a lot of fun doing that project. Barry's passing leaves a huge hole in my childhood. Yours too, I'm sure. Good to hear from you and Donna. Hope all goes well with the two of you.

Brierpatch said...

I'll let Forest know you responded to him. Life's been good for us. Had to move far, far away a few years ago, so we're REALLY out of touch with EVERYONE back home except through the internet and our parents. You can imagine our surprise when we hear indirectly of the passing of someone we think a lot of. We stumbled across your blog while googling Barry, and we couldn't help but respond.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Glad you did, Donna. Good to know you're doing well.