Monday, August 08, 2011

Weekend Report

I know, I know. The blog has been pretty quiet the last week. Things are slow, what can I tell you. Haven't read anything I've felt like blogging about. Mostly reading short stories. Did read James Enge's The Red Worm's Way which was a lot of fun and available on line. Currently reading a book I'm enjoying quite a bit, so more on that later.
So what did I do during the weekend? I read some comic books. The first two issues of Elric:The Balance Lost are out and I'm liking that a lot. I'll try and get a longer review up soon. Read the first issue of Greg Rucka's Punisher from Marvel. I found it so so. Rucka is an excellent crime writer so he's made for the Punisher, but I found the first issue somewhat fragmented in its storytelling.
I watched David Tennant's last two Doctor Who episodes for the first time since they were originally broadcast. The End of Time parts one and two still seem a little underdone to me. The Master just isn't himself and the Doctor, knowing of his impending demise, spends more time introspecting than one might like. The last half hour of part two almost manages to make up for the shortcomings though. And I'd forgotten what a showcase these two episodes were for Bernard Cribbens as Wilfred Mott, an old soldier who finally gets his chance to save the world, but by doing so helps to doom the 10th Doctor.
And I watched a wonderful documentary called The Captains, recommended by my friend Jeri. Written and directed by William Shatner, it features Shatner traveling around the world interviewing almost everyone else who ever played a star ship captain. His scenes with Patrick Stewart are classics. Also the scenes where Shatner wanders around a Star Trek convention, surprising fans by just popping up unexpectedly.
And I played Lord of the Rings Online, but not a lot. Like most longtime Lotro players, I'm sort of spinning my wheels waiting for the Isengard expansion due out next month. Some of my kin mates have begun to lose interest in the game, and I can see why. I've been at the level cap for going on two years now. The last expansion was underwhelming, so I'm hoping Isengard will be better.
That's about all that comes to mind now. I'll try and have something more interesting to talk about next time. Right now, I have to go to work.

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