Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Report

I spent most of the weekend looking after Bruce the cat. I am pleased to report that save for some soreness, he seems to be back to normal and today he has done most of the stuff he usually does. But we had long days Friday and Saturday. And yes, once again he has somehow managed to keep me from seeing Conan, but I have a long weekend next week for the Labor day holiday, so fingers crossed.
Since I've been stuck at the apartment most of the weekend, what have I done? I re-watched last year's Sherlock Holmes movie and found I liked it a bit better the second time around.
I watched the first episode of the second part of this year's Doctor Who series. Much fun, though quite a bit of 'back-filling' in the writing. Steven Moffat is having to do some fancy footwork to make all his previous River Song appearances work out. The seams show a bit but nothing that kills the fun. I don't usually expect Doctor Who to make total sense anyway. It's not that kind of show.
Read some selections from Otto Penzler's Big Book of Adventure Stories, including my first re-read of Rudyard Kipling's The Man Who Would be King in a couple of decades. I highly recommend this book. Stories by Jack London, Lester Dent, Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, and even a complete Tarzan novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
I sorted some books. More on that in a bit.
I forgot Jack Kirby's birthday was today but fortunately Cliff reminded me, so Happy Birthday Jack. You are still the King and still my hero.
So anyway, that was the weekend, or most of it. Hopefully Bruce will be fully recovered in the next couple of days and I can have a more productive weekend for Labor Day.

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