Friday, September 23, 2011

Conan: Road of Kings #8

Another Strong issue of Conan: Road of Kings from writer Roy Thomas and artist Mike Hawthorne. I alluded to Lone Wolf and Cub in my review of RoK issue 7 and this issue follows through on that comparison as Conan must guard the small girl child Albiona as he works his way through a series of catacombs. There are some nice bits of Conan acting as stand-in father for the child. (Tell Conan you're hungry and he'll go find some food by taking it away from thieves.) And Hawthorne, who draws a web comic about his own adventures as a father called Raising Crazy, is very well suited to illustrating the more humorous parts of the story.
However, when things turn serious, Hawthorne shifts into action mode to draw Conan fighting palace guards and defending his small charge from slimy giant centipedes, spiders, and such. And the last page is a really sharp illustration of...well, see for yourself. Just follow the link at the bottom of this post for samples of Mike Hawthorne's Conan pencil work. While you're there, check out his drawings of Batman, Big Barda, Power Girl and other DC heroes. I've no idea why DC comics hasn't snatched this artist up, because in my opinion his work is considerably stronger than some of the artists DC is using on their new 52 relaunch.
Anyway, issues 9 and 10 will be illustrated by Dan Panosian, whose work I like, and then Hawthorne will be back for issues 11 and 12 to finish up the series. Great stuff.

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Mr. Hawthorne said...

WOW, you rock! Thanks for the kind words and the nice review! You warm my cold, cold heart! :-)