Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fatal Error

Just finished up F. Paul Wilson's penultimate Repairman Jack novel, Fatal Error. In a word? Wow. I mentioned in a couple of previous reviews that the last few RJ books had all become one big story (Wilson says much the same in a short author's note at the front of the book) and so there isn't as much sense of each book being complete in itself, but Wilson does a fine job in this one of giving a solid problem for Jack to handle that's only marginally tied to the larger story. And Jack needs that because he's grown really really tired of playing a waiting game when he would rather take the fight to the enemy. This one is action all the way, even as the final bits of the Secret History of the World fall into place.
Thing is, while I mostly agreed with Jack about taking the pro-active approach to the evil entity known as Rasalom, I had to give credence to the ancient warrior Glaeken's advice of caution as well. I think to some degree Jack is still underestimating just how dangerous Rasalom is. Then again, Glaeken is probably underestimating just how dangerous Jack is, something that I was reminded of in the last few chapters of Fatal Error, when Jack fights his way across a paralyzed city to get to the people he loves and protect them.
Anyway, this one sets things up for the last Repairman Jack book, The Dark at the End. That one hits the shelves October 11 and I'll read it as soon as I can get my grubby hands on it.

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