Friday, September 02, 2011


A couple of years back I reviewed Phillip Jose Farmer's The Adventure of The Peerless Peer, a novel that teamed Sherlock Holmes with Tarzan of the Apes. It remains one of my favorites of Farmer's works and it always kind of bothered me that it was out of print and fairly hard to come by for many years.
But not anymore! Thanks to the fine folks at Titan Books, publishers of numerous other once scarce Sherlock Holmes pastiches, you can now get a shiny new copy of the Peerless Peer for your very own. I ordered a copy last week, even though I already have two versions of it. (Three if you count The Adventure of the Three Madmen, an alternate version replacing Tarzan with the Jungle Book's Mowgli.) Nice to have a reading copy.
Anyway, this new version also contains a terrific afterword by Win Scott Eckert loaded with information about the identities of some of the characters Farmer included in the tale and their connections with Farmer's Wold Newton Universe. If you're not up on your pulp heroes and your obscure fictional detectives, Win has got you covered. He also explains about the Three Madmen version of the story. I highly recommend The Peerless Peer to fans of Holmes, Tarzan, and Farmer, and also to anyone who enjoys a fast paced, witty adventure.


Win Scott Eckert said...

Charles, thanks for this write-up. :-)

Be sure to keep an eye out for my "Adventure of the Fallen Stone" in SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE CROSSOVERS CASEBOOK, coming in a few months from Moonstone. Strong ties to THE PEERLESS PEER. ;-)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Will do. I like the sound of it already.

Stuart said...

My copy is now on the way -- because the original rare hardcover and mass market paperback are read to shreads. I am looking forward to Win's afterword.