Friday, October 07, 2011

The Coming (and Going) of Elric!

One of my favorite stories from the semi-legendary Roy Thomas/Barry Smith run on Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian was the two part Conan/Elric team-up which appeared in issues #14-#15. Oddly enough though, while I owned several reprints of the story and a copy of issue #15, I had never picked up issue #14. Thanks to Ebay I have now corrected that little oversight. I received issue #14 today and now I may tell you a great secret. A while back I had written a big review of these two issues for Singular Points. So big, in fact that it was going to have to be several parts as I had researched the connections between the story and the books that Elric creator Michael Moorcock was writing at the time and had found some interesting contradictions between 'book' Elric and 'comicbook' Elric. And I had done some detective work on the origins of the wizard Kulan-Gath, one of the baddies in the comic, who went on to fight Spiderman, the X-men, and oddly enough, Red Sonja, including never before revealed info from Moorcock himself. And...I lost it. Once again I had failed to make proper backup files and when my PC died near the first of 2011, it took the article with it. I was so annoyed that I wasn't in any mood to rewrite the article. Now however, I think I may be ready to break out my notes and have at it again. So that was why I decided it was high time I owned my own copy of issue #14. This time I will write my review from the actual comics.

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