Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Report

The weekend was fairly low key. I did a lot of writing. Jim and I have passed the 75 thousand word mark on the novel and are starting to turn things toward the end. We're estimating about 100k for the first draft. I got to play with some non-Euclidian geometry, which was fun.
Obviously I watched Hocus Pocus, which I reviewed below. Also watched several more episodes of season one of Supernatural. The series gains more weight as the episodes go, delving further into the lives and minds of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. I found an episode set in an abandoned mental institution one of the strongest yet, and one with a faith healer had a nice twist. For every life the healer saved, somebody else had to die.
Read some good comic books. In addition to Conan: Road of Kings issue #9, I also read Marvel's Avengers 1959, written and illustrated by Howard Chaykin. I had thought the first issue so-so, but issue #2 really picks up the pace as Chaykin sends Nick Fury and his 1950s era allies into battle against a resurrected Nazi movement, which include some villains from Roy Thomas's World War Two era series, The Invaders. Possibly the most fun bit is Chaykin's linking of a very recognizable British secret agent to Fury's team. Who is he? That would be telling. Let's just say this nattily dressed fellow in a bowler hat was once an Avenger himself.
Also read the first issue of the DC/IDW crossover between The Legion of Super Heroes and Star Trek. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but it was actually a lot of fun. Writer Chris Roberson seems to be the perfect choice for this title as he is a huge fan of both Trek and the Legion. I'm including a link to an interview with Roberson at the bottom of this post. Thing is, Roberson has an ear for dialogue that sounds like the Classic Trek crew, and his Legionnaires ring true as well. There's plenty of crossover stuff from both series' universes and all kinds of in-jokes and references. Looking forward to the next issue. Oh, there were several variant covers for the first issue. I'm posting the one by Keith Giffin because this is probably as close as we're ever going to get to a drawing of Mr. Spock by Jack Kirby.
And I started The Dark at the End, the final (kind of) book in F. Paul Wilson's long running Repairman Jack series. I say 'kind of' because Wilson reveals in this book that though this volume does end Jack's adventures, he is going to write three novels that take place early in Jack's career, presumably showing what happened between Wilson's Young Adult Jack series and the first official Repairman Jack adventure, The Tomb. (Which famously doesn't have a tomb in it.)
Anyway, The Dark at the End leads into the sixth and final book in Wilson's 'Adversary' cycle, Night World. I've read Nightworld, but a somewhat revised edition is supposed to come out next year, so I'll give that a read when it hits the shelves.
So there ya go. That was pretty much the weekend. There was some Lord of the Rings Online playing in there too, and a few other things, but mostly some good reading and viewing.

Here's the link to the Roberson interview:

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