Thursday, November 10, 2011


I got a lot of stuff yesterday. Part of it was new stuff I'd ordered through the comic store and part was some used books I'd ordered from various people and part of it was new books from Amazon.
At the comic book store I got the latest volume of Titan Book's Simon and Kirby Library, this one featuring their crime comics. There should be a ton of stuff in there I've never read, and there's an introduction by Max Allan Collins, a man who knows his stuff about comics and crime fiction. Also got The Essential Sgt. Fury, which has a bunch of Jack Kirby art as well. Go Jack! And finally, the latest issue of the Doc Savage reprints from Anthony Tollin's Sanctum books. This one contains three of the shorter Doc novels, only one of which I've already read.
Used book-wise, I got two books by Harold Lamb, and we know how much I like Harold Lamb. One is Theodora and the Emperor, a historical biography of, not surprisingly, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian and his Empress, Theodora. The other book is Constantinople :Birth of an Empire, which is Lamb's non-fiction book about the same time period covered in the novel (plus additional history.). I figure the two ought to compliment each other. I plan on digging into Lamb's two volume history of the crusades after this.
Then I got two new books in the mail from Amazon. The first is Ruth Rendell's latest Inspector Wexford novel, The Vault. Rendell is my favorite living British mystery writer, and the Wexford books are always well plotted and well written. Apparently much of The Vault takes place in London instead of in Wexford's usual more rural stomping grounds, so I'm looking forward to that.
The second is Kevin Sorbo's memoir about how a stroke almost killed him during the third season of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I always wondered exactly what happened, so this should prove interesting.
As you can see, my reading is as eclectic as ever.

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