Sunday, November 20, 2011

Conan: Road of Kings Issue #10

You know what I'm going to say. another great issue of Conan: Road of Kings. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but honestly, Roy Thomas has done such a bang-up job as writer on this title that I have to keep saying good things. RoK #10 once again jams as much story into one issue as most other comics use in a six issue arc. Conan, still trapped in the city of Tarantia with a group of rebels, agrees to help them in an attempted Coup d'├ętat against the current king. Before it's all over, the big Cimmerian will have to hack his way through dozens of soldiers and one seriously pissed-off giant lizard. Artist Dan Panosian draws a suitably hulking, wild-eyed Conan, reminding me favorably of Big John Buscema. Go Dan!
As usual though, with Roy Thomas, it isn't all blood and thunder. Thomas again shows his skill at characterization and the ending is a little downbeat and Conan has to say goodbye to a comrade of whom he is perhaps more fond than he would care to admit. Thomas's Conan is human.
Anyway, next issue sees the return of artist Mike Hawthorne for the final two issues of this mini series. I've enjoyed Panosian's work a lot, and I'd certainly welcome his art on his own twelve issue Conan mini-series. In fact I'd like to see him on Kull or Solomon Kane at some point. I bet he'd do a great Kane. I'm looking forward to having Mike back for the finale though.

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