Saturday, December 31, 2011

One of Those D'oh! Moments

I was reading an article this morning that mentioned a long interview with Manly Wade Wellman in an issue of an old Fanzine, Chacal #2, and I thought Gee, I need to get a copy of that. So I looked around on ebay and saw the cover and then I thought, um...I already have that. Got it for the Karl Edward Wagner stuff in that issue. A couple of minutes of digging and I found the magazine. Oh well, at least I didn't order a copy before I realized I already owned it...


Gabriele C. said...

I have to be careful about academic essays I already ordered a copy of. I got like 2 metres worth of material about Mediaeval literature (Norse sagas and French epics), and I begin to lose track of the stuff. ;)

Happy New Year!

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Yes, fortunately my visual memory is very good. I recognized the cover as soon as I saw it.

Happy New Year!