Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thunstone Redux

A while back I mentioned that next year Haffner Press would be publishing The Complete John Thunstone, a big volume collecting all the short stories and two novels about Manly Wade Wellman's occult investigator. Got an email this morning from Stephen Haffner about upcoming titles from Haffner Press. The blurb about the Thunstone volume included a preliminary drawing for the cover by artist Raymond Swanland. Keep in mind that this isn't the finished cover. Looks pretty nifty though.
Between this book from Haffner and the two volume Karl Edward Wagner horror collection from Centipede Press, 2012 looks to be a good year for Southern Horror and Fantasy writers. I'm hoping that now that all the Hok, Thunstone, and John the Balladeer stories are back in print, that someone will put together a new collection of Wellman's other horror stories, the ones that appeared in Carcosa Press's Worst Things Waiting and in The Valley So Low. That would make the majority of Wellman's work available to new readers, which would make me very happy. I'd also like to see a collection of Wellman's Kardios sword & sorcery stories, but that would make a pretty slender volume. Perhaps a publisher could break up the Wellman short stories into two volumes and include the Kardios stories in one of those.

For those of you just joining us, I'm including the contents list from The Complete John Thunstone.

Table of Contents
The Third Cry to Legba  Weird Tales Nov ’43
The Golden Goblins  Weird Tales Jan ’44
Hoofs Weird Tales Mar ’44
The Letters of Cold Fire  Weird Tales May ’44
John Thunstone’s Inheritance  Weird Tales Jul ’44
Sorcery from Thule  Weird Tales Sep ’44
The Dead Man’s Hand  Weird Tales Nov ’44
Thorne on the Threshold  Weird Tales Jan ’45
The Shonokins  Weird Tales Mar ’45
Blood from a Stone  Weird Tales May ’45
The Dai Sword  Weird Tales Jul ’45
Twice Cursed  Weird Tales Mar ’46
Shonokin Town  Weird Tales Jul ’46
The Leonardo Rondache  Weird Tales Mar ’48
The Last Grave of Lill Warran  Weird Tales May ’51
Rouse Him Not  Kadath Jul ’82
What Dreams May Come, Doubleday 1983
The School of Darkness, Doubleday 1985

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