Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekend Report

Christmas came and went, leaving barely a ripple this year. I just couldn't work up much interest. Not a 'bah-humbug' but more of a 'meh.' That's how it goes sometimes, I suppose. I did get some neat stuff and people seemed pleased with the gifts I gave, so we'll call it a success on that level. Anyway, I'm still off for more than a week, so life is good.
I didn't read much fiction over the weekend. A few short stories and some comic books. The one bit of Christmas reading I did was August Derleth's Solar Pons story The Adventure of the Unique Dickensians, which is about a row over a rare Dickens manuscript. Derleth is possibly my favorite Sherlock Holmes pastiche writer. His stories, though they don't actually feature Holmes and Watson but rather doppelgangers Solar Pons and Dr. Parker, are perhaps the closest in spirit to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's tales of any of the numerous Holmes pastiches out there. As someone once noted, Pons isn't Holmes and he knows he isn't Holmes but he hopes you'll come along for his adventures anyway. Derleth wrote about Pons for decades, ultimately turning out more Solar Pons stories than Doyle wrote about Holmes. Later another writer, Basil Copper, wrote even more Solar Pons stories, pastiching the pastiche, if you will.
I'll devote an entire post to Solar Pons soon. One of the more interesting characters to come out of the Sherlockian obsession.
I also dug out Savage Sword of Conan issues #219 and #220 and reread the Conan/Solomon Kane team-up I mentioned in Savage Memories #9. Still holds up. The art is still great and the story still rockets along.
I read a couple of Manly Wade Wellman short stories and several by Frank Belknap Long. I'll talk about Long in my next post or so. Got a nifty collection of his work for Christmas. Anyway, that's how the Christmas weekend went. A little low key, but not bad at all. Hope yours was good.

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