Monday, January 02, 2012

A New Year

2011, somewhat surprisingly, turned out to be my third most prolific year of blogging, reversing a downward trend since 2008 and only failing to match that second biggest blog year by a mere 7 posts. Guess I had a lot to talk about last year. Actually it was a good year for writing in general. I wrote a couple of short stories that I liked a great deal, I saw one story published, and I finally completed a novel.
So what does 2012 hold in store? Hopefully the publication of said novel, more stories, and more blogging. Other than that I can't really say. I'm not a maker of resolutions, and I have no firm plans for anything. It would be nice if I could take an actual vacation trip, but that hasn't panned out the last couple of years, so we'll see.
I have a couple of interesting things going on, but I'll wait and blog about those when I have more details. Today is the last day off before I have to return to work so I plan to be in extra-sloth mode. Hope everyone's New Year is going well.

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