Monday, January 09, 2012

Reading Report

I seem to be in one of those periods where I don't want to read novels. Or perhaps I'm just not finding novels that hold my attention. In any case, most of my weekend reading was short stories. I read a couple out of the recently acquired Whispers IV, including tales by Hugh B. Cave and Ramsey Campbell.
Then I dipped into New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird, a collection of newer Cthulhu mythos tales by folks like Caitlin Kiernan, Kim Newman, and Neil Gaiman. Some good stuff in there, but my only complaint is that too much is reprinted from the 2009 collection Lovecraft Unbound. Less than three years is too little time to include half a dozen stories from one book in another book, or that's my take anyway.
I went back to the Carcosa Press volume of Manly Wade Wellman's John Thunstone (and others) stories, Lonely Vigils. I'll probably have more to say about that later. I've recently been reading or re-reading all of the Thunstone adventures, and I'm sure I'll get around to talking about them. Might wait until the Haffner Press Complete John Thunstone book is out in April. Or not. We'll see.
Finally I jumped to the Harold Lamb Collection Swords From the West for the sanguinary romance, The Red Cock Crows, a tale of true love and much killing. Swords From the West may be my favorite volume in the Bison Books Lamb series, as it contains a big chunk of Lamb's crusader stories. I need to devote an entire post to Lamb's character Nial O'Gordon, who could have become Lamb's claim to fame, had there been more stories about him.
So anyway, my weekend was definitely a quality over quantity sort of thing. I do have a novel on the way from Amazon, The House of Silk, the new Sherlock Holmes pastiche that's been getting good reviews left and right. For now though, short and sweet seems to be the order of the day.

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