Saturday, February 18, 2012

Halloween All Year Round

I mentioned a while back that I'd picked up the six volumes of the Whispers anthlogies. My friend Cliff, who's been moving books from his house to his other house mentioned that he'd run across his collection of the Whispers magazines and he'd bring them to me so I could read all the stories. My pal Jim, who had already given me his collection of the Daw Year's Best Horror books and had also given me the Charles L. Grant edited Shadows anthologies, asked if I had the two Borderlands anthologies. I did not. He said he would bring them to me, and he did. With friends like these, it's getting to be Halloween year round around here.


Will Errickson said...

I loved the BORDERLANDS series back in the early '90s! Lost my copies in the intervening years, love to get a hold of 'em again, see if the stories are as good as I remember. They were edgier, darker, more graphic than anything in the SHADOWS or WHISPERS volumes I've read.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

The stories in Borderlands definitely are more edgy, Will, so your memory is correct. There's some very good stuff in there