Sunday, March 04, 2012

Passing it On

A while back, when my pal Cliff was very active in Science Fiction Fandom, writer Piers Anthony gave Cliff a massive collection of old SF magazines. The only stipulation Anthony made was that if Cliff ever tired of them, he couldn't sell them or throw them away, but had to give them to some other fans to enjoy. Over the last couple of years Cliff has allowed me to look through the magazines and take what I liked. There's been some cool stuff, including the original publications of various sword and sorcery stories by Michael Moorcock, Lin Carter, and so forth.
Cliff originally thought that he had given all the magazines away, but while moving boxes of books and comics to his second house, he found a few more boxes of magazines. He brought one box into the store (Dr. No's Games and Comics) Wednesday night and allowed Jim and I to paw through them and take what we wanted.
Among my choices were a 1944 issue of Astounding with a C. L. Moore story, two 1945 issues of Astounding with a two part serial by Fritz Leiber, and a 1970 issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction with one of Manly Wade Wellman's Sherlock Holmes pastiches. The two sword & sorcery gems were the February 1966 FaSF, featuring L. Sprague de Camp's expansion of Robert E. Howard's Conan synopsis The Hall of the Dead, and my favorite of the lot, the April 1970 issue of FaSF, which was the original publication of Fritz Leiber's classic novella, Ill Met in Lankhmar.
I chose a few other issues at random with stories by Harlan Ellison, Isacc Asimov, and Poul Anderson. Names to conjure with.
Anyway, Cliff made the same stipulation that Piers Anthony had made. Take what you like but you have to keep them or pass them on to someone else who would enjoy them. I don't think that will be a problem.


Massimo said...

Wow. Should you ever tire of the FaSF "Ill Met in Lankhmar" issue, please remember I'm first in line!

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Will do, Massimo. Glad you like the blog. I have a good time writing it.