Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Report

Spent most of the weekend keeping an eye on a sick cat. Amelia had developed a urinary tract infection, much like her brother Bruce did last year. Fortunately that's not usually life threatening for female cats as it is for males. However it made her very uncomfortable and caused some other issues. I took her to the vet on Thursday and returned with mass quantities of pain meds and antibiotics, which I gave her all weekend. She was mostly fine by Sunday and seemed good this morning, but I will continue to give her the meds until they are used up.
So I didn't stray far from home all weekend. I watched the rest of Downton Abbey season two and a few more episodes of Tarzan. I read a ton of short stories by folks like Hugh B. Cave, Frank Belknap Long, Joseph Payne Brennan, and Loren D. Estleman. I'd forgotten how solid Estleman's short stories about private eye Amos Walker were. I started reading a current fantasy novel but gave it up about 100 pages in. I may talk more about that later. Or not.
I played Lord of the Rings Online a good bit. The new expansion which opened a couple of weeks back is the lead in to Rohan and there's more Viking looking stuff than you can shake a rune stick at. I need to get some screenshots up. More Medieval looking clothes and armor, so I'm enjoying the look of the new area quite a bit. I'm interested in what we'll see in Rohan proper.
Lotro seems to be doing very well, but I always wonder what will happen if the game goes away before we reach the end of the story. As I've explained before, the storyline in Lotro parallels the main story of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books. Your character is somewhat involved in the main plot, but primarily is having separate adventures at the same time that Frodo is trying to take the One Ring to Mordor.
Currently I just ran into Gandalf in Lothlorien for the first time since he was 'killed' in Moria. He's now Gandalf the White. A short dream sequence in the beginning of the new expansion also shows you what has become of the rest of the fellowship. They're right at the point where Boromir tries to take the ring and the fellowship is broken.
So presumably the orcs will soon make off with Merry and Pippin, which means I might see Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli when the game reaches Theoden's hall in Edoras. I wonder if we'll get to go to Helms Deep?
Anyway, that was the weekend. A little slow, but not bad.


Rachel said...

I have a completely off topic question for you (and an advance apology if I've already asked you this and forgot): have you read William Hjortsberg? I've only read Falling Angel which I really liked but I've just started Nevermore. I'm only at the beginning but the set-up seems like something you'd like.

sara said...

ouch! I hope Amelia's feeling better now,

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Rachel, I read Falling Angel waaaay back when the movie Angel Heart came out. Seems like I remember enjoying it. Somehow I never got around to Nevermore, which does sound like something right up my alley. I'll put it on my' too be read' list.

Sara, Amelia is fully recovered and was acting much like her old self last night and this morning. Thanks for asking.