Saturday, May 26, 2012

Crisis on Earth M

As every collector knows, sometimes you just get lucky. I had one of those instances last night. I was browsing Ebay, looking for a collection of Sexton Blake stories. If you're not familiar with Blake, he's a detective fiction character who was extremely popular in the UK at the turn of the previous century, but is almost unknown now. And by extremely popular, I mean he starred in literally thousands of adventures in the weekly story papers, plus movies, comics, puzzles, games, radio, TV, and so forth. Originally similar to Sherlock Holmes, in concept, if not execution, Blake began losing steam after WW II and was re-imagined as more of a hard boiled detective and managed to survive into the 1960s. Sexton Blake is making something of a comeback these days and will be starring in some new adventures soon. Anyway, I was looking for the old school Blake stories, but as I scanned the listings I saw that someone had put up some of the Sexton Blake Library chap books from the sixties, and at reasonable prices. For the most part those don't interest me, but one of the listings was for a story called The Caribbean Crisis. I blinked twice, then checked the price. Buy It Now cost was six bucks. I ordered it immediately. See the story is credited to someone named Desmond Reid, but that's a pen name. The Caribbean Crisis is actually the first published novel by none other than Michael Moorcock. It's a fairly hard to come by item and I've never seen a copy for under $50, and one in good shape usually goes for $100 or more. As I said, sometimes you just get lucky.

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