Sunday, May 13, 2012

Iron and Bronze

Just read Christopher Paul Carey's and Win Scott Eckert's story Iron and Bronze, which was a great way to spend the afternoon. A lost race story in the H. Rider Haggard mode featuring Hareton Ironcastle from Philip Jose farmer's book Ironcastle, and Doc Ardan, the French version of Doc Savage. Ironcastle and his companion N'desi find themselves in a lost outpost of Atlantis where a dangerous criminal has taken the queen of the city hostage in order to try and learn the secret of eternal youth. A mysterious stranger with Bronze skin is working behind the scenes with an agenda of his own. Much pulp style action ensues. This being a story that takes place in the 'Cross-Over Universe' an offshoot of the Wold Newton Universe, there are all kinds of references to various books and stories from various authors. I thought I was being pretty clever catching nods to The Shadow, Doc Savage, Ki-Gor, Tarzan, and Alan Quartermain, as well as Farmer's novel The Dark Heart of Time and the uncompleted work The Monster On Hold, but the story's afterward showed me that I'd missed quite a few references. Anyway this is a fast-paced, well plotted pulp tale and a real steal at 99 cents for the Kindle. So bump over to Amazon and give it a try.

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