Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's a good thing I got a raise recently because the publishers of nifty things are once again apparently trying to break me. Last night I got my two volume set of the Centipede Press The Best Horror Stories of Karl Edward Wagner. Been waiting for this one, and even though I already have all the stories in the books in some other form, it's nice to have all of KEW's horror stuff in one place. But wait, there's more. My copy of the latest release from the Robert E. Howard Foundation, Adventures in Science Fantasy, also arrived. Looks like a bunch of interesting stuff in there, on which I'm sure I'll have more to say later. And just look at that beautiful cover by Mark Schultz. And still more. In the Shadow of Sherlock Holmes, the companion volume to In the Shadow of Dracula, which I reviewed a couple of posts ago showed up. And finally, I picked up The Weird, a massive (1152 pages) of weird fiction, edited by Jeff and Ann Vandermeer, and featuring well over 100 stories by such notable practitioners of the weird tale as H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood, Clark Ashton Smith, Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, Ramsey Campbell, F. Paul Wilson, Stephen King, and a slew of folks I'm unfamiliar with. Bet I find some new people to read in this one. This is a gigantic book and the table of contents is too long to reproduce here, so I'm providing a link.


Paul R. McNamee said...

Wow, that's a bunch o' stuff.

I received an email yesterday that Glen Cook's Winter's Dreams has shipped and should arrive tomorrow.

I still have The Complete John Thunstone on preorder, too.

Keith said...

My copy of Adventures in Science Fantasy hasn't arrived yet, but Winter's Dreams showed up yesterday. I'm looking forward to diving into both. I've got all of the Wagner stories, most of them in Exorcisms and Ecstasies, so I decided to pass on the Centipede Press editions due to price.

I'm interested in seeing what you think of The Weird.

On a technical note, how do I get the italics to work in the comment field?

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Paul, my pal Cliff gets books from Centipede and Haffner at his comic books store, so I buy most of my collectible books from him, which works out well. Should get the Thunstone book soon.

Keith, I'll review the Weird once I've delved into it. As far as the italics go, I don't know how that works either. Paul?

Paul R. McNamee said...

I use rudimentary HTML tags (sorry, it's part of my profession and I know some of that stuff)

Put a less-than + i + greater-than at the start and a less-than slash + i + greater-than at the end. I spell it out because it will get translated if I put it literally.

Or, do as below WITHOUT the spaces.

< i >ItalicString< / i >

Would appear as ItalicString

'b' can be used to bold, as well.

Paul R. McNamee said...
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Paul R. McNamee said...

Just to follow up on The Weird

13 weirdest stories in the collection

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thanks, Paul. That's very interesting. I'll know to watch for those stories. My current plan is to read everything in order, but I might skip around having seen this.