Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Report

I took Friday off, so I had a long weekend. Spent it reading and watching DVDs. I already reviewed Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows below. The other stuff I watched was mostly episodes of Dark Shadows. I've been watching them steadily since I bought a bunch of box sets on the cheap several weeks back. Made it through the justly popular 1897 storyline which took the whole cast back into the past. That was followed by the unpopular Leviathan storyline, which concerns a sort of Lovecraftian pre-human race. It's not a bad story but it goes on for too long and it lacks the variety of the previous storyline. Next up is the "Parallel Time" sequence where Barnabas Collins travels into a parallel universe where all the Collins family live vastly different lives. That's where my DVDs run out though, so I had to do a little online digging and find some equally inexpensive sets that go through the end of the storyline. Got those on the way. I read F. Paul Wilson's revised version of his novel Nightworld. Nightworld is the final book in the six volume Adversary series and it's also the last book in Wilson's long running Repairman Jack series. The novel originally came out in 1992, and then was released again as a heavily revised limited edition by Borderland Press a few years later. The 2012 edition is a further revision. Why all the changes? When Wilson originally wrote Nightworld, Repairman Jack had only appeared in one novel, the Tomb, which is also the second book in the Adversary series. Wilson eventually ended up writing much more about jack (15 novels) so all of that continuity needed to be retconned into Nightworld. In my opinion it made for an even better novel than the Borderlands edition. Also did a re-read of Manly Wade Wellman's final John Thunstone story, Rouse Him Not. Just was in the mood for some Wellman. Another fun story I re-read was C. Dean Andersson's Slim and Swede and the Damn Dead Horse, which is, I kid you not, a Sword & Sorcery Western. This one appeared in the Monkey Brain Books collection Cross Plains Universe and it teams Andersson's series character Bloodsong with a couple of cowboys. You should read it. It's nifty. There's a ton of good stuff in that collection, well worth your time. All and all, a pleasant if uneventful weekend.


Paul R. McNamee said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I got no reading done this weekend, but I did watch blu-rays of John Carter and Battle for the Planet of the Apes.

My kids bought me a bat house for Father's Day. Need to find the right tree to mount it on.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Whoa, a Bat House? That does sound cool.

Paul R. McNamee said...

We have bats around, hopefully they will use it.

Hopefully, the Cooper's Hawk won't setup an ambush point. I saw one go after a bat at dusk one evening.