Thursday, July 12, 2012


And another wallet crunching night at the comic book store. The big purchase was Big John Buscema, a MASSIVE book, originally the catalog for a European Exhibit of Buscema's work. I'll have more to say about this after I've had time to peruse it, but just a quick scan makes me think this is the biggest and best collection of Buscema's work so far. Tons of reproductions of original art, sketches, etc. Big John's Conan is well represented for you Conan fans. A great book. Also picked up Darwyn Cooke's latest Parker adaptation, The Score. Cooke has done a great job of turning Richard Stark's books about anti-hero parker into graphic novels. Looking forward to reading this one. And if The Score wasn't enough hardboiled fiction, I also got the new Andrew Vachss crime novel Blackjack, featuring Vachss' urban mercenary Cross. Been a while since Vachss gave us a new Cross story, so I'm looking forward to it. Finally, I picked up Valen the Outcast: Abomination, which collects the first story arc from the sword & sorcery comic Valen, which I've talked about before. Sort of undead Conan, with a nice dark, supernatural vibe. One of the better S&S comics anyone's done in a while, I think. So yeah, a bit rough on the pocketbook, but a lot of quality stuff.

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