Sunday, July 01, 2012

Heat Wave

We've had temperatures over 100 degrees for the last three days here in Georgia. That's warm for this part of the country in June-July. Theoretically things should be cooling off some over the next few days, eventually getting into the high 80s toward the end of the week. I went out today in the middle of the afternoon when it was about 104 and the air felt remarkably hot, so much that even the air slipping past my open truck window wasn't the least bit cool. The late afternoon was overcast and it's in the 90s now. I've stayed inside most of the weekend in the air conditioning, so things haven't been too bad all and all. Did a lot of reading, writing, and drawing. I schedule a half day off on Tuesday so I'm working a day and a half followed by a day and a half off. Not a bad schedule, but seriously, Wednesday is like the worst day for a Holiday. Still, it's a day off so I'll take it.

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