Saturday, August 04, 2012

Congregations of the Dead

   Even as I write this, James A. Moore and I are finishing up the first draft of our second collaboration, so we decided we could release the title. Where Blind Shadows was a mix of crime fiction and horror, but in the Weird Tales mode, the second adventure of Sheriff Carl Price and private investigator Wade Griffin is crime fiction and just plain out and out horror. If people thought Blind Shadows was gory, wait until they get a load of Congregations of the Dead. The book and the title were inspired by a verse from the bible. Proverbs 21:16:

   "The man who wandereth out of the way of wisdom shall abide in the congregation of the dead."

More thrills and chills in the small Georgia town of Wellman. I think this is a darker book and that's saying something. More later.

In the meantime, since I haven't mentioned it for a bit, Blind Shadows will be out in October. Available for pre-order here:

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