Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hanging In

   First let me thank everyone who has commented or emailed to express sympathy over the death of my cat, Amelia. Believe me, I appreciate it. Secondly, some of you have asked about how my other cat, Bruce, is doing. So far he doesn't seem to be overly affected by Amelia's absence. He is aware that she isn't there. In the mornings he keeps looking down the hallway to see if she's coming out of the bedroom. But his behavior hasn't altered much that I can tell. I am giving him a lot of extra attention, especially when I get home from work. Fortunately Bruce and Amelia weren't inseparable pals as some sets of cats are. They played together some, but often on weekends when I was home to observe them all day, they barely interacted. So I'm hoping it won't be too lonely for him. Some folks have asked if I plan to get another cat and at the moment that depends on Bruce. If he seems okay as a solo kitty then I may wait a while. Time will tell.


Keith said...

Charles, I've been swamped this week and missed the previous post. Please accept my belated condolences for Amelia's passing. I'm glad Bruce seems to be doing well.

We've got two dogs from the same litter, and they don't deal well with being separated. When one of them goes, it's going to be rough. I'm glad you aren't dealing with that.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thank you, Keith. I appreciate the thoughts. It can certainly be hard on a pet who is left behind. Not to be unkind to Bruce, but he's not the smartest cat in the world, which may help.

Layka said...

I was so sorry to hear about Amelia, but how very lucky she was to have such a compassionate, understanding, caring owner as yourself.
Drink from the faucet and eat Tuna as much as you want, Amelia.